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Relief & Recovery from Chronic / Persistent Pain


Rebuild Confidence & Courage & Rediscover You

Boundary Coaching

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Hi there!  I'm Catherine Pollitt...

mind & body physio & coach,

specialised to support you to

relieve your persistent pain,

improve your well-being,

prioritise you

rebuild your confidence


regain control of your life,

opening the doors to opportunity!

Our brain, beliefs & pain system

are amazing - and changeable...

Chronic pain can be relieved.

I'm here to guide you to

learn the knowledge,

practise the skills


make the lifestyle changes you need

to create a life of your own design,

free from pain.

 Learn the knowledge, tools & skills to relieve your pain,

rediscover your needs & desires, regain your confidence & live a life of your design!

* back pain * neck pain * whiplash * shoulder & arm pain * hip, leg & foot pain *

*TMS * PPD * Fibromyalgia *

FreedomFromPain coaches you along a fresh and alternative road-map towards living a life free from the chains of persistent (chronic) pain.  Created from the pioneering SIRPA approach, no matter how severe your symptoms or how long you've been suffering, it is possible to gain relief.

Gently discover and release deep-seated emotional memories, adverse beliefs and behaviours, some or all of which may be contributing to your symptoms, and refresh them with new and supportive perspectives and life-style changes.

Help reboot your muscle activity to improve your tension, strength, flexibility and pain by opting to incorporate the power of touch with the simple and self-applied massage techniques of Be Activated.  

Rebuild your

* self-esteem * self-confidence * self-worth * self-care *

Boundary Coaching is a unique & powerful life-coaching programme, that enables you to let go of your exhausting people-pleasing, over-giving, over-achieving and over-doing ways!


Rebuild your confidence, rebuild your awareness of your true self, develop your voice and bring better options and choices to the forefront of your life, bringing back freedom and personal strength.  At last, you will have the courage to consider yourself as a priority again in the daily equation of your life!


Reflect over coaching questions and gently dig deep to uncover your limiting beliefs & underlying commitments. Listen in to your own inner wisdom and help re-awaken your true personality, spirit and energy.  Re-discover you and gain the confidence to follow your own needs and desires, set & uphold your personal boundaries and thus create a life built around your own design!

"Feel your fear and know that it is big.

Then feel your courage and know that is is bigger"

Inspired by Glennon Doyle

Consistency & persistence are key.

"Keep doing the work and you can succeed."

Howard Schubiner, MD, PPD Association

Prioritise YOU into the daily equation of life


commit to change - from the inside out

This may be the beginning of your most triumphant story yet


remember, every journey starts with just one small step!

"Whatever is in the mind is in the body

Whatever is in the body is in the mind"

Douglas Heel

A little more about me!

Over my life-time, I have been through many symptoms, including debilitating back pain, excruciating tummy aches, frustrating foot pain, headaches and even skin irritations. Years of putting others way before my own needs, left me feeling lost and plagued with self-doubt.

I took back responsibility for my well-being & engaged in both coaching programmes. I now continue to use all the empowering techniques from both programmes to support my health & keep growing my confidence & self-esteem beyond its new wonderful level!

I am delighted to be helping so many others along their own journey to freedom from pain and to reignite their confidence - we're changing our world one pain and one boundary at a time!


And my own biggest learning curves through this work was - life balance. So I always ensure I have the energy and motivation left to spend loving and fulfilling time with my beautiful family, gorgeous dog & wonderful friends - and most importantly permit invaluable time just for myself!

The personalised care you deserve


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Helping you relieve long-term pain


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