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 Take back CONTROL in your life

Revive the "MAGIC" that is you


Persistent Pain (TMS)

Life & specialised coaching to help you

find the FREEDOM you deserve

Hi there! I'm Catherine Pollitt, life coach & physio pain specialist

I'm so glad you're here - lasting change is possible - and I've lived it first hand...

I love to show over-busy working women & mums

how to find freedom from emotional stress & persisting (chronic) pain (TMS)

Find the freedom to create the life you'd love!

Reveal the clues to what's fueling your
overwhelm or pain & take your first steps forward...

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In our busy lives, stress & persisting pain can be the side-effects of being a complex, conscious, thinking human. 

With the right knowledge & skills they can be reversed. 

When you feel weighed down - believing it's your duty to help, to please, to fix, to succeed -
whether that's at home, at work, with family, with friends -
but without taking enough care of you - it can be exhausting & draining.

You try to push down the growing resentment, frustration, sadness - and may not even notice the connection to the start or aggravation of symptoms - the physical aches & pains, skin problems, tummy troubles.

You push on, seeking answers or treatments, but your turmoil & pain persist or return.

I've been there.

Things need to change! 
No matter how long you've been struggling or severe your symptoms... 
Lasting freedom is possible.
I'd love to show you how...


Coaching designed to help you

find the freedom to create the life you'd love & deserve

Life Coaching

Uncover your true essence

and set yourself free

Do you wish you could: find your full power & feel freedom; discover the deeper, truer you; curate your life with confidence? Would you like to be free of emotional turmoil, in control?

Be empowered to integrate what you'd love to add & eliminate from your life as you transform your beliefs, self-worth & confidence in Reinvention CoachingTM. Celebrate your  value, put yourself into the equation, find your voice, learn to say no with grace, & allow in growth & joy with Boundary CoachingTM - all without feeling selfish or guilty!

Freedom to embrace life with joy & confidence

 "Thank you for the last 3 months, it has been an amazing experience, quite above and beyond what I imagined."
Christine, Australia

Freedom From Pain 

Learn the skills

to relieve persistent pain


Has conventional medicine been unable to offer you an answer? Do you lie awake in the early hours with fear for the future, for your family, for you?

Follow in the footsteps of so many others before you. Discover your misbeliefs about pain, safely release emotional turmoil & learn the proven strategies for resilience & living a life free from the chains of persistent pain - with the structured Freedom From Pain programme, created around the pioneering SIRPATM  approach.

Freedom from persisting pain

"This process is very powerful & healing ... The whole experience exceeded all of my expectations!"
Anne, UK

When you add in you, your self-care & set effective boundaries,
you free yourself from growing emotional turmoil.
You find space to allow in joy & revive the magic of life. 
A beautiful gift on its own,
and a wonderful foundation for freedom from persistent/chronic pain.

Become the master of your self & your healing...

full of life & free from pain!

 "Thank you for showing me how to rediscover and embrace me, and for guiding me to unearth the tools within to empower and honour myself.
“Boundary coaching has helped me to... start taking control of my life and to allow the whole me to emerge."
Christine, Australia

"I have continued along the SIRPA way of thinking ever since I saw you...

I feel great, very peaceful... I would love to thank you so much - you have helped me to stop and turn around in my life style, self-respect and outlook on what is important in life." 

Beata, UK

After years of tending to others & feeling it's somehow selfish & wrong to consider myself too, I'd been left feeling overwhelmed and plagued with self-doubt, struggling to work out how to regain my fun in life & build back my confidence.

I also had frustrating foot pain & had been through debilitating back pain & tummy aches. Knowing what I understand now, I recognised the connection & discovered each symptom was linked to a significant, emotionally stressful time in my life.

Taking back full responsibility for my own well-being, I engaged in Freedom From Pain & Levin Life CoachingTM. All the wonderful, empowering techniques I teach in my programmes, I used to free myself from pain, & regrow my confidence & self-esteem to its new exciting level!

I'm now delighted to be helping so many others to reignite their confidence, to freedom from pain and to revive the magic in their lives.

"We're changing our world

one wonderful step at a time!"

“I am so much happier and know where I want to be in my life - and most importantly how to get there. I know that I now have control in my life."

Jez, UK

Your Steps towards Freedom...

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Step Three

Work 1:1 with me via Zoom

through one of my confidential

8-12 week coaching programmes

Enjoy weekly sessions together, at an agreed time and day that suits us both, and step by step learn the vital knowledge & strategies needed so you can put into action all your new life-changing tools & skills.


Focus on you, take back control of your life, become the master of your own healing & re-open the doors to your future.

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Celebrate your success & live your best life!

“[This has] helped me in more ways than I would ever have believed."

Jez, UK

 Chartered Physiotherapist with over 25 years of experience

Specialist in Persistent/Chronic Pain Relief

SIRPA practitioner

Helping you relieve long-term pain

Levin Life Coach

specialising in

Boundary CoachingTM

All sessions


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