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Freedom from Pain

 Activate Strength & Recovery

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"It is amazing what the body can do when you do the right thing"

  Douglas Heel

Experience Relief

Offering a blend of

mind and body solutions

to help you

relieve persistent pain,

strengthen movement,

enhance performance,

calm stress


empower life!

Our brain & movement systems

are amazing - and changeable!

Learn the knowledge & skills

you need for that change,

face to face

in Durley, Hampshire

and/or remotely

from the comfort of your home

anywhere in the world. 

Prioritising YOU into the daily equation of life!

* Solutions for aches and pains, especially those frustrating persistent & recurring ones! *

* back pain * sciatica * neck pain * whiplash * shoulder & elbow pain *

* muscle tension * hip & knee pain * leg symptoms * foot & ankle pain *

*"Repetitive Strain Injury" * Fibromyalgia * 

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"Whatever is in the mind is in the body.

Whatever is in the body is in the mind"

Achieve lasting
Freedom from Pain
with SIRPA
the mind connection

Is pain affecting your daily life? 

Has it been with you for more than three months?  Have your medical & therapy teams been unable

to find an answer to your symptoms?

SIRPA, Persistent Pain Relief

I invite you to join in with the leading edge & remarkable pain relief approach developed by SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners Association), so you too can find your way to relieve your persistent pain and regain your life once again.  This approach has helped so many people achieve relief from conditions such as chronic/persistent pain in the back, neck, shoulder, elbow, hips, knees, feet, sciatica, together with Fibromyalgia & "RSI".


Update your Knowledge

All pain is real, and science has now proved that established beliefs, unhelpful behavioural habits and emotional trauma & turmoil from our past and present life experiences contribute to nerve pathways which can create &/or maintain pain - even in the absence of anything being physically wrong with the part of you that hurts.  Sometimes, just acknowledging and accepting this, can bring relief.

Develop new Skills

By identifying and addressing the factors specific to you, with a variety of cognitive strategies and lifestyle changes, you can reprogram your nerve pathways and relieve your symptoms. Journaling, self-care practices, meditation & mindfulness are just a few of the life-changing techniques that you can learn and regularly practice at home. 

YOU can get Better

No matter how severe your symptoms or how long you've been suffering, you too can achieve relief.

Be Empowered - Improve at Home too

Although we work through this programme together, and I guide & support you on your journey to relief, I will recommend certain techniques & practices for you to continue at home on a daily basis. 


Persistence is key.

"Keep doing the work and you can succeed."

Howard Schubiner, MD, PPD Association

Acroyoga Pose
Activate Strength, Flexibility & Recovery
with Be Activated
the body connection

Have you been injured?

Do you have aches, pains or tension?

Are you struggling to work, perform or have fun? 

Are you finding it difficult to reach full activity?

Be Activated

Be Activated is an impressive & empowering whole-body physical assessment & treatment approach that can measurably & swiftly improve your strength & flexibility, relieve your tension, pain & stress, and thus promote healing from injury and enhance your energy, movement & performance.    


Restore & Revive

We discover how your body's patterns of muscle activity & co-ordination may be contributing to your problem or injury.  We then work to sequentially stimulate & re-balance your body back towards its more optimal pain-free, strong, flexible and resilient state.

Be Surprised

Working from your central muscles outwards, we use simple, brief massage techniques on specific areas to re-engage unused muscle potential and release tension.  As we carefully measure and feel the immediate changes in strength &/or flexibility of each muscle group tested & treated, we often quickly see dramatic improvements - even "mind blowing" ones sometimes! From these changes we create treatment specific to you. 


Who can Benefit

This method is used successfully around the world on people with all levels of function, fitness and age, from an older person hoping to walk more easily and comfortably to our top performing young Olympians.

Be Empowered - Improve at Home too

Customised programmes are developed for you to continue at home, preferably in the mornings & especially before activity, training or sport. 

Experience Change

"Because the nerve pathways involved in chronic pain are reversible,

full recovery is possible..."

Georgie Oldfield, MCSP

Complimentary Therapies
Rewrite the software of your mind

A set of simple, self-empowering processes designed to change subconscious beliefs that are affecting your life and limiting your potential.

It is our beliefs that control our lives, not our genes.

Energy healing with
Original Japanese
Jikiden Reiki

Using the natural life-force energy or "ki" all around us,

we re-awaken the natural healing in the body by focusing the energy on areas that need it most.

Jikiden Reiki is

Reiki without western influence, unchanged since its origins in Japan.

Unwind with
wonderful Massage

Honour yourself

with some essential time-out to experience a relaxing and therapeutic massage.

Allow stress and tension to melt away.

To find out more,

please call 07979 852519 or email

About Catherine Pollitt

Qualifying as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1992 from St Thomas' Hospital in London, Catherine gained valuable experience and knowledge over the years both as a senior musculoskeletal physiotherapist in the NHS and then in private practice since 2001. 

Committed to clinical excellence and professional development, Catherine continues to love learning that inspires her forwards.  Knowledge and skills develop from books, journals, courses, colleagues, clients and life. We never stop learning!

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activate strength from within,

enhance performance,

re-programme & heal,

 body and mind!

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