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Persisting (chronic) Pain

Become the master of your own healing & destiny.

Hi there! I'm Catherine Pollitt, life coach & physio pain specialist

I help over-busy working women & mums to...

+ Feel valued & be a priority

+ Learn how to set effective boundaries

To take control & relieve stress


+ Embrace new knowledge

+ Adopt new life strategies

To release persisting pain

And because your mind & body are inextricably connected...

Setting boundaries doubles as an excellent foundation for Freedom From Pain

“[This has] helped me in more ways than I would ever have believed."

Jez Stone, UK

Is your ability to set boundaries full of holes?!

Download your free checklist & first steps

to stronger boundaries, control & reduced stress.

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Are you frustrated & still struggling with pain?

Practise proven pain relieving strategies today -

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Overwhelm, feeling stressed/anxious & persisting (chronic) pain can all be part of the side-effects of being a complex, conscious, thinking human. With the right knowledge & skills, each can be reversed. Read on!

The importance of good personal boundaries! 

When you feel it's your duty to care, to fix, to help, to succeed - at home, at work, with family, with friends - 24/7 & 365 - but without taking care of you - it can be exhausting & draining...

I've been there.

You can resent there's no time for you - as you're so busy tending to others

You keep saying yes - yet deep down you'd rather say no 

You may have forgotten what inspires you - it's so long since you considered your own wishes

Things need to change!  And I'd love to show you how.

Setting boundaries & putting my self-care back into the daily equation of my life has made such an impact


...for me and those around me!

Learn how to set boundaries that stick!


Using the step-by-step process of Boundary CoachingTM, embrace the understanding that you matter, too.  Learn how to: release expectations; build your confidence; uncover your own needs & desires; say what you'd like with clarity & grace; delegate or outsource - & take back control of your life... without feeling selfish or guilty!


Reduce the stress. Relieve the overwhelm. Release anxiety.


  • the courage to make yourself a priority

  • the tools to permit you time for self-care

  • the confidence to say no if you wish

  • the determination to ponder & express your desires

  • the belief in your value & your choices

  • the know-how to delegate!

Re-open the doors to your dreams

& create a life of your own design...

"Everything you wish for begins on the other side of setting your first boundary!"

Nancy Levin, Master Life Coach, LLCA

"I've done it.  You can do it too!"

 "Thank you for the last 3 months, it has been an amazing experience, quite above and beyond what I imagined. Thank you for showing me how to rediscover and embrace me, and for guiding me to unearth the tools within to empower and honour myself."

Christine, Australia

Connecting Boundary Coaching with Freedom From Pain

Living without good personal boundaries creates a lack of control in your life, allowing stressful situations to develop, building feelings of anxiety & overwhelm.

Up-to-date scientific knowledge tells us that past & present elevated stress is intricately connected

to creating persisting (chronic) pain. 

So learning to set good boundaries, regaining control in your life & thus reducing your personal stress,

can be an effective foundation for relieving chronic pain.

“Boundary coaching has helped me to... start taking control of my life and to allow the whole me to emerge."

Christine, Australia

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Freedom From Pain Coaching...

* back pain * neck pain * whiplash * shoulder & arm pain * hip, leg & foot pain *

*TMS * PPD * Fibromyalgia *

When conventional medicine has been unable to find you an answer...  When there's things you continue to avoid due to pain... When you still don't understand why it's there... When you're scared what the pain could really mean...  When you lie awake at 3am with fear for the future - for your family, for you....

You've tried so many ways - but still the pain remains or recurs

You may have learned how to "manage" your pain - to help you get through each day

Perhaps you've even been told this is how it's always going to be - but of course you still hope they're wrong 


...You just don't know what to do next.

I'd love to help...

Learn how YOU CAN achieve relief


Follow in the footsteps of so many others and discover the fresh, up-to-date road-map for living a life free from the chains of persistent (chronic) pain - with the structured Freedom From Pain programme created around the pioneering & inspiring SIRPATM  approach.

Uncover the misbeliefs you may have about pain, realise you can work towards relief & recovery - no matter how long or severe your symptoms - and discover you do have a path to a future you can look forward to. 

Everyone deserves to know they can be free from the struggles of chronic pain.

Imagine how your life will be when you're free from pain. 

What would you be able to do without the fear?

What could you finally achieve?

What future would open up to you?


  • the true nature of pain & the science that's "new"

  • the deep connection between suppressed emotions & pain

  • the strategies proven to achieve relief

  • the evidence your pain can be relieved

  • the influence of thoughts, beliefs, experiences & sleep on pain

  • the importance of self-care, being your priority & setting boundaries

Reopen the doors to your future

& create a life free from chronic pain

"I've learned the steps.  I've worked with the strategies. I've released my pain. I know you can too!"

"Keep doing the work and you can succeed."

Howard Schubiner, MD, PPD Association

"I have continued along the SIRPA way of thinking ever since I saw you...

I feel great, very peaceful... I would love to thank you so much - you have helped me to stop and turn around in my life style, self-respect and outlook on what is important in life." 

Beata, UK

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Work with Me!

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Step One

Download your first free Introductory Steps 

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Step Two

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Step Three

Work 1:1 with me through one of my confidential 10-12 week coaching programmes via Zoom.

Having chosen in Step 2 which of the empowering programmes will work best for you, or in which order, start to learn the vital knowledge & action the essential skills - so you can take back control of your life, become the master of your own healing & re-open the doors to your future.

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If not now... when?!

“I am so much happier and know where I want to be in my life - and most importantly how to get there. I know that I now have control in my life."

Jez Stone, UK

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After years of tending to others & feeling it's somehow selfish & wrong to consider myself, I'd been left feeling overwhelmed, lost and plagued with self-doubt, struggling to work out how to regain control & build back my confidence.

I'd also been through debilitating back pain, excruciating tummy aches, frustrating foot pain & headaches. Knowing what I understand now, I reflected back to each symptom & discovered each could be traced to a significant, emotionally stressful time.  

Taking back full responsibility for my own well-being, I engaged in Freedom From Pain & Boundary CoachingTM. All the wonderful, empowering techniques I teach in both programmes, I used to free myself from pain, & grow my confidence & self-esteem to its new exciting level!

I am now delighted to be helping so many others to reignite their confidence, to freedom from pain and to reinvigorate their lives & dreams.

"We're changing our world one boundary & one pain at a time!"

 Chartered Physiotherapist with over 25 years of experience

Specialist in Chronic Pain Relief

Levin Life Coach

specialising in

Boundary CoachingTM

SIRPA practitioner

Helping you relieve long-term pain

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