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Imagine knowing what you really need. Imagine living a life on your terms, free from pain, full of confidence and doing the things you enjoy, both at home and at work. Imagine making your preferences a priority, truly believing you matter

Many of us live our lives putting others' needs before our own, forever people pleasing, over-giving or over achieving -  at home, at work, or both.

When we don't consider & care for ourselves in daily life, or release buried emotions, eventually our minds & bodies can cry out to be noticed in the form of tension & pain.

As you take this simple, fun & inspiring quest, you will start to rediscover your own needs & desires, reconnect with who you really are deep down and begin the pain-relieving & confidence building habit of including you into your daily equation of your busy life. 

Now is the time to make changes & create your more liberated life...


  • tune in to you & begin to create your list of all the things that bring you pleasure

  • discover more about yourself and what makes you tick

  • learn to feel what really inspires you and what really tires you

  • feel lifted in spirits, more expansive and light

  • develop your awareness of the empowering beauty & marvels that surround you

  • begin to build an essential routine of self-care into your daily life

  • begin to build an essential routine of pausing into your daily life

  • anchor your foundations for your journey to relieving persistent pain

  • anchor your foundations for your journey to rebuilding your confidence and your belief in you.

The Wonderful Benefits  


Science now explains that pain that persists beyond 6-12 weeks & that has been cleared of any underlying medical cause is most likely to be the result of adverse neural pathways - a result of our conditioning from personal life experiences since early childhood and accumulated buried emotions - that same conditioning that affects our self-worth, self-belief and our confidence.

The news is good!  Neural pathways, symptoms and self-belief can be changed.  Pain can be relieved, often fully resolved, and confidence can be rebuilt - with learning and practising various strategies and life-style changes – and that includes such daily actions as 30 Moments of Reconnection! 

#30 Moments is a wonderful opportunity to pause and feel into your body and reconnect with what really inspires you, guiding you like a compass for your life, encouraging you to flow towards the adventures, challenges and delights that suit you and your unique qualities.

Remember, every journey starts with just one small step!

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Inspire others to take up 30 Moments of Reconnection!


There are so many women in our society who are still struggling with chronic pain or a lack of self-confidence, many quietly to themselves, many unknowingly using self-sabotaging strategies, many not realising there is a way forwards for them to achieve freedom from pain and rebuild their life on their terms. 


Share your discovered pleasures with #30moments and help others to become aware, so that they too may help themselves work towards the better, more comfortable, more active and more confident way of life they deserve.