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About Catherine

With nearly 30 years experience in the world of physiotherapy, people and healing, I have been inspired by leading-edge approaches that produce excellent results. The two extended scope approaches I now work with are based on clinical research, evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence.

Both approaches acknowledge the deep connection between mind and body.  SIRPA and Be Activated enable me to offer you a more complete and up to date service to help you recover more fully from pain and injury in a holistic way and empower you to reach a more optimal comfortable, strong & resilient state, mind and body.

Physiotherapy is forever Evolving


I am delighted to see the amazing changes a whole-body treatment process can have. Be Activated taps into our unused neuro-muscular capability, switching on more of our muscles. This helps our bodies move & co-ordinate better so that we may recover from pain and injury in a more fully and integrated way.  It is empowering and easy to learn, so we can carry on improving on our own at home. 

By acknowledging the deep influence our mind has on our body’s physiology & strength, we can view how stressful & traumatic experiences from our past and present influence us.  Just changing your thought pattern between a positive and negative emotion can quickly change your physiological strength & pain levels.

Freedom from Pain

The mind-body link and the huge amount of research into pain led me to the work of Georgie Oldfield.  Georgie, also a Chartered Physiotherapist, trained in the United States with the ground-breaking physician, Dr John Sarno.

Dr Sarno helped 1000's of "long-term-pain patients" recover. Georgie and her organisation, SIRPA, brought the work of Dr Sarno and his successors to the UK and Europe. No matter how severe or long-standing your chronic pain has been present, their methods have shown that relief is possible.

With such incredible results from debilitating persistent pain. I chose to qualify as a SIRPA practitioner.  I now help my clients gain a deeper understanding of the psychological and emotional aspects to their pain & injuries, and teach them the skills to help them finally gain lasting relief from their symptoms.


Life Coaching

I am also developing my skills with the Levin Life Coach Academy. My aim is to further help people living with persistent pain dig deeper into their pasts, beliefs and life-patterns, discovering where change is needed, so better releasing themselves from their pain.

Complimentary Therapies

I appreciate the benefits alternative therapies can offer, especially when trying to tap in to the complexities of mind, body and healing energy.  I therefore became a PSYCH-K Facilitator and trained in Jikiden Reiki.  Meditation and mindfulness have become part of my daily routine.  A healthy mind creates a healthy body!

My other passions

An essential element to everyone's full health is to learn to balance work, rest and play. I have a wonderful teenage family and we share our home with a dog and a cat.  You’ll see me walking or running the wonderful footpaths of Durley most days as I absorb the wonders of nature, fresh air and daylight.

I love to get out on my bike and ride the back-roads of our local South Downs and enjoy keeping fit with an ever changing regime, including strength training and yoga for mind and body.  I love meeting up with friends and family, and have become addicted to reading & learning.  I savour the quiet times for reflection & appreciation of all the marvels, miracles and magic that surround us.


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