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When you spend your life only pleasing others, over-giving &/or over-achieving, both at home &/or work, and ignoring or tossing your own needs aside, eventually your own well-being demands to be heard.


Your mind and body will start to create subtle little uncomfortable niggles and tension - trying to tell you something important - but which too many of us just disregard and push through.


Over time these nudges from our inner world can build up towards significant resentment, problems & possibly dis-ease and pain.

Our bodies are amazing & our minds are fascinating! With over 25 years experience in the world of physio, pain and healing, I've learnt to respect the deep influence our mind has on our body - & vice versa.

Accepting this helps us appreciate that difficult emotions from our past or present experiences can influence current tension, strain and pain.   Here's the thing, just changing your thought pattern between a positive and negative emotion can immediately change your strength or pain. It's true!

From Overwhelm to Personal Freedom

Home, teenage family, my own business, clinical CPD, elderly relatives with dementia... I found myself in overwhelm, overloaded with tasks & responsibilities, feeling lost and ravaged with self-doubt.


I needed guidance - & discovered master life coach, Nancy Levin. I needed what was in her head! But not just for myself - I knew her method would also really help my clients in pain. And as if by magic - Nancy announced she was launching her new academy - where I could learn just that!... The result? I am honoured to be the academy's first UK Boundary CoachTM

Boundary CoachingTM was phenomenal and an incredible life-changing experience for me - which is why I'm so excited to be both a physio and a life coach - & be able to offer the 12 week experience as a stand alone life-coaching programme.

It is a real privilege to be able to share this wonderful work with you. As I did, you'll gently dig deep to uncover your hidden limiting beliefs and life-patterns. You'll discover what's been holding you back from gaining control over your life - to where change is needed.  You'll develop new beliefs, new behaviours & commit to those changes.


As you gain the courage & know-how to identify, set and uphold personal boundaries, you'll feel empowered to honour your own needs, rediscover & follow your passions and expand your self-worth. You'll take back control - and create a future of your choice, built on your own terms!

"I learnt things I genuinely didn't know, and the course... helped me prioritise me instead of always putting everyone else first."

"I [now] put myself first in many more ways - which gives me a huge sense of pride, confidence and happiness."

Jez Stone

From Misery to Freedom from Pain

Pioneering professor, Dr John Sarno, helped thousands of long-term-pain patients achieve full recovery by opening up their understanding of the deep connections between mind, body & suppressed emotions.

His phenomenal success is being expanded by his successors - & large-scale research studies are nearing conclusion in the States. Georgie Oldfield brought this revolutionary approach over to the UK & Europe and created SIRPATM. No matter how severe or long-standing chronic pain has been present, this mind-body method has shown that relief & often recovery are possible.

With such life-transforming results, I qualified as a SIRPATM practitioner and created the Freedom From Pain programme for you. I've worked hard on the strategies myself to get rid of my own chronic pain. I've incorporated the boundary coaching skills. And now I'm so pleased to be able to guide you to learn the strategies & skills, so you too can finally gain lasting relief from your pain.

"Through Catherine’s wonderful guidance I feel empowered to continue my new found path to grow and to achieve..."

"... you have an incredible ability as a coach. You are fantastic and very natural…" 


Center Gradient Transparent

And a Flavour of My other Passions!

As I've come to truly believe, a good balance of work, rest and play is essential for full health! I have a wonderful nearly grown-up family, including one gorgeous dog and cat.  You’ll see me walking or running the wonderful footpaths of Durley most days as I absorb the wonders of nature, fresh air and daylight.

Getting out on my bike to ride the back-roads of our local South Downs is a real pleasure and I enjoy keeping fit with an ever changing regime, including strength training, yoga & dance.  I love meeting up with friends and family, and have become addicted to reading & learning.  I also savour the quiet times for reflection & appreciation of all the marvels, miracles and magic that surround us.

And now you know a little more about me and how much help & support is available for you, please....



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