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About Catherine

With over 20 years experience in the world of physiotherapy, people and healing, I am inspired by leading-edge approaches that produce excellent results


Both SIRPA and Be Activated acknowledge the deep connection between mind and body, and are based on clinical research and evidence-based practice.

By acknowledging the deep influence our mind has on our body’s pain, physiology & strength, we can better understand how stressful & traumatic experiences from our past and present influence us.  Just changing your thought pattern between a positive and negative emotion can quickly change your physiological strength & pain levels.

My Journey to Freedom from Pain

My fascination of the mind-body link and the huge amount of research into pain, led me to the work of Georgie Oldfield. Also a Chartered Physiotherapist, Georgie trained with the pioneering Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, Dr John Sarno, at the New York School of Medicine.

Dr Sarno helped 1000's of long-term-pain patients recover. Georgie and her organisation, SIRPA, brought the approach of Dr Sarno and his successors to the UK and Europe. No matter how severe or long-standing chronic pain has been present, their methods have shown that recovery & relief are possible.

With such incredible results from debilitating persistent pain. I chose to qualify as a SIRPA practitioner.  I now help my clients gain a deeper understanding of the psychological and emotional aspects to their pain & injuries, and teach them the skills to help them finally gain lasting relief from their symptoms.


Life Coaching

At the moment I am excited to be developing my coaching skills with the Levin Life Coach Academy - with certification due in September 2020. My aim is to further help people living with persistent pain gently dig deeper into their pasts, beliefs and life-patterns, discovering where change is needed, so they are better enabled to release themselves from pain.

Complimentary Therapies

I appreciate the benefits alternative therapies can offer, especially when trying to tap in to the complexities of mind, body and healing energy.  I therefore trained as a PSYCH-K Facilitator and in Jikiden Reiki.  Meditation and mindfulness have become part of my daily routine.  A healthy mind creates a healthy body!

My other passions

An essential element to everyone's full health is to learn to balance work, rest and play. I have a wonderful teenage family and we share our home with a dog and a cat.  You’ll see me walking or running the wonderful footpaths of Durley most days as I absorb the wonders of nature, fresh air and daylight.

I love to get out on my bike and ride the back-roads of our local South Downs and enjoy keeping fit with an ever changing regime, including strength training and yoga.  I love meeting up with friends and family, and have become addicted to reading & learning.  I savour the quiet times for reflection & appreciation of all the marvels, miracles and magic that surround us.



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