I Discovered the Steps to

Take Back Control of my Life


Free My Pain


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When you spend your life focused on pleasing others, perhaps over-giving &/or over-achieving, both at home or work, and ignoring or tossing your own needs aside, eventually your own well-being demands to be heard.


Your mind and body will start to create subtle uncomfortable niggles and tension - trying to tell you something isn't right - but which too many of us just disregard and push through.


Over time these nudges from our inner world can build up towards significant resentment, problems & possibly dis-ease and pain.

From Misery to Freedom from Pain

Pioneering professor, Dr John Sarno, helped thousands of long-term-pain patients achieve full recovery by opening up their understanding of the deep connections between mind, body, suppressed emotions & pain.

His phenomenal success has been expanded by his successors & confirmed with large-scale research studies. Approximately 66% of patients with chronic back pain became pain free or nearly pain free after being randomly assigned to mindbody therapy. (* & *)

Georgie Oldfield brought this revolutionary approach to the UK & Europe and created SIRPATM. No matter how severe or long-standing persistent/chronic pain has been present, this mind-body method has shown that relief & often full recovery are possible.

With such life-transforming results, & following my 25 years experience in the world of physio, pain & healing, I qualified as a SIRPATM practitioner and created the Freedom From Pain programme for you.


Respecting the deep influence our mind has on our body - & vice versa - I worked hard on the life-strategies myself to relieve my own persisting pain.  Learning how to effectively release difficult emotions from my past & present, I was able to release tension, strain and pain. I discovered even just changing a thought pattern from a negative to a positive immediately changed my measureable strength.  Amazing! 

And now I'm so pleased to be able to guide you to learn the strategies & skills, so you too can finally gain lasting relief from your pain.

"Through Catherine’s wonderful guidance I feel empowered to continue my new found path to grow and to achieve...

"You have an incredible ability as a coach. You are fantastic and very natural…" 

Christine, Australia

From Overwhelm to Calmer Control

Home, teenage family, my own business, clinical CPD, dependent elderly relatives with worsening dementia, a rep for a corporate battle... I found myself in overwhelm, overloaded with tasks & responsibilities, feeling lost and ravaged with self-doubt.


I needed guidance & help - & discovered master life coach, Nancy Levin. I needed what was in her head! But not just for myself - I knew her coaching methods would also really help my clients in pain. And as if by magic - Nancy announced she was launching her new academy - where I could learn just that. The result? I was honoured to be the academy's first UK Life CoachTM

My life coaching training was phenomenal and an incredible life-changing experience for me - which is why I'm so excited to be both a mindbody physio and a life coach - & able to offer you exceptional on-line coaching programmes.

It is a real privilege to be able to share this wonderful work with you. As I did, you'll gently dig deep to uncover your hidden limiting beliefs and life-patterns. You'll discover what's been holding you back from gaining control over your life - to where change is needed.  You'll develop new beliefs, new behaviours & commit to those changes.


As you gain the courage & know-how to identify & set personal boundaries, you'll feel empowered to honour your own needs, rediscover & follow your passions and expand your self-worth. You'll learn the skills to take back control - and curate a future of your choice, built on your own terms!

"I learnt things I genuinely didn't know, and the course... helped me prioritise me, instead of always putting everyone else first.

"I [now] put myself first in many more ways - which gives me a huge sense of pride, confidence and happiness."

Jez, UK

And a Flavour of My other Passions!

As I've come to truly see, a good balance of work, rest and play is essential for full health! I have a wonderful nearly grown-up family, including one gorgeous dog.  You’ll see me walking or running the wonderful footpaths of Durley most days as I absorb the wonders of nature, fresh air and daylight.

Getting out on my bike to ride the back-roads of our local South Downs is a real pleasure and I enjoy keeping fit with an ever changing regime, including strength training, yoga & dance.  I love meeting up with friends and family, and have become addicted to reading & learning.  I also savour my quiet times for meditation, reflection & appreciation of all the marvels, miracles and magic that surround us.

And now you know a little more about me and how much help & support is available for you, please....