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Grab a beverage, make yourself comfortable and take some time out to watch these videos

from our leading pain scientists and specialists...  you may be amazed!

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Professor Lorimer Moseley, world leading pain scientist & Australian physiotherapist, entertains as he explains more of what we know about the serious subject of chronic (persistent) pain.

Howard Schubiner's Reign of Pain talk pi

Clinical Professor, Dr Howard Schubiner, co-founder of the PPD Association in the USA, gives his fascinating talk entitled, "The Reign of Pain lies Mainly in the Brain".

The courageous and tenacious Georgie Oldfield, SIRPA founder and UK Chartered Physiotherapist presents her TEDx talk, "Chronic Pain: A New Perspective".

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Female Dancer

Listen to a real life story from someone who went from severe chronic pain to recovery and is now a passionate promoter of TMS Awareness & Executive Director of the PPD Association.


All The Rage: Saved by Sarno - explores the work of Dr John Sarno and examines the connection between emotions and health.

Heal - a scientific and spiritual exploration that discovers that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have a huge impact on our health and ability to heal.​

More of a reader?

Visit Amazon, your library or your favourite bookstore and consider reading one or more of the following books that I have found so helpful:-


"Chronic Pain:Your Key to Recovery", by Georgie Oldfield, MCSP

"Unlearn Your Pain", by Howard Schubiner, MD

"They Can't Find Anything Wrong", by David Clarke, MD

"Healing Back Pain: The MindBody Connection", by John Sarno, MD

"Protectometer: The Explain Pain Handbook", by GL Moseley & DS Butler

"Childhood Disrupted" by Donna Jackson Nakasawa

"Painful Yarns", by Lorimer Moseley, PT, PhD

"The Biology of Belief", by Bruce Lipton, PhD

"When the Body Says No", by Gabor Mate, MD

"The Great Pain Deception", by Steve Ozanich, experienced patient

The links to the books above are via the Amazon Affiliates programme with whom I earn 5 % .

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