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 After our initial free discovery call, I'll send you an invite by email

for a private, secure Zoom video online movement meeting.

Assessment will include me taking a detailed history from you and an aim, via Zoom video, to progressively analyse your movements of different sections of your body.

I will demonstrate the simple techniques for you to do on yourself and we will then immediately retest the effect on each movement.

With Be Activated, strength & flexibility throughout your body can measurably improve, relieving pain & tension, recovering better movement patterns, balance and endurance, overriding old compensations & promoting better breathing habits.  Abnormal loading on your joints, your spine and soft tissues are relieved, optimising healing to occur after injury, creating a feeling of space within your joints and spine, and thus allowing your pain & stiffness to settle.  Be Activated is also a surprisingly good tool to calm your response to stress. 

When you first learned to crawl and walk, theory suggests your muscle activity and movement was generated naturally from your pelvis and center (core) outwards, in a 1-2-3 sequential pattern.


However, as you naturally journeyed through life you are likely to have developed different postures and movement patterns, due to many influences such as injuries, sport, school and work, including our society's growing inactivity and sitting habits.

Your physiology is also highly affected by your mind, in your experiences, emotions, knowledge, beliefs and your reactions to the stressors of life... work loads, deadlines, traffic, equipment malfunctions, worry, anger, loss & sadness...  

These everyday pressures stimulate your stress response (fight and flight) and cause your body to tense and change...  unknowingly your breathing becomes more shallow, apical and inefficient, your important diaphragm stops working as efficiently and your central outward firing pattern is altered or lost. Your body will have found compensatory ways to move, but which are not as efficient, and a reduction in strength, flexibility and endurance results.  Strains and dysfunctions can occur in repeatedly loaded parts of the body, and you may notice "performance" deteriorating at the same time as you become less resilient to injury.


Be Activated sequential muscle activation "reboots" your whole body to return it towards its original sequential 1-2-3 pattern. Each treated point is thought to affect your highly adaptable fascia, the web-like 3D biological wet fabric that connects, surrounds & intertwines every structure in your body, including your muscles in "trains" from head to toe, and to stimulate more nerve signals to reach each muscle group being treated.  As more of the muscle is switched on, you will feel and see a measurable increase in your strength and/or flexibility on re-testing.

After activation, clients report feeling: “loose”, “light”, “relaxed”, “so much stronger”, “rebooted”, “open”, “de-stressed”, “solid”, “pain-free”, “able to fully breathe”, “everything is clearer” or even that “I could beat a charging bull!”

Here's what to do!

Before you commit to a course of treatment, please book a discovery call with me, for us to chat and find out a little more about each other. Over a number of sessions together we will learn how to maximise your all important diaphragmatic breathing and customise your activation of zones 1, 2 & 3.  Your whole body will gradually return towards its original, stronger, more flexible and balanced 1-2-3 pattern.

Everyone has a different rate of recovery depending on various factors, including the severity and chronicity of the problem, and your commitment to the advice and exercises/techniques prescribed.  After your initial assessment, we will commence a course of treatment initially on a once or twice weekly basis, and possibly incorporating other mind techniques that affect your physiology and to help you optimise the changes you desire.

Be Activated is a great technique you can easily do on yourself, especially prior to activity and sport to enhance your performance.  As we discover the points most relevant to you, these will be noted down for you so you may continue to work and improve at home.

Please be aware when planning your first appointment or two, some people may feel quite tired afterwards - although others can feel energised.  We are all unique!

You can find more fascinating information, including articles on this method and enlightening testimonials from around the world, at  For an introductory mini course on this method, please click here .

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