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Be Activated is a physical assessment and a physical treatment technique.  Learning how to adapt this process to the on-line world is a work in progress!  But learning the treatment techniques on yourself is quite easy - so there's still plenty you can do alongside your coaching programme.

Clinically we have found that treating specific points on your body can create excellent benefits such as: measurable improvement in strength & flexibility; more efficient breathing; reduction in pain & tension; recovery of better movement patterns, balance and endurance; old compensations being over-ridden, lessening abnormal loading on your joints, spine and soft tissue, and optimising healing after injury. The technique also helps calm our response to stress. 

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When we first learn to crawl and walk, theory suggests our muscle activity and movement is generated naturally from our pelvis and center (core) outwards, in a 1-2-3 sequential pattern.


However, as we naturally journey through life we develop different postures and movement patterns - probably due to the many influences of injuries, sport, school and work, including our society's growing inactivity and sitting habits.

Our physiology is also highly affected by our mind, in our experiences, emotions, knowledge, beliefs and our reactions to the stressors of life... work loads, deadlines, traffic, equipment malfunctions, worry, anger, loss & sadness...  

These everyday pressures stimulate our stress response (fight and flight) and cause our body to tense and change...  Unknowingly our breathing becomes more shallow, apical and inefficient, our important diaphragm stops working as efficiently and the central outward firing pattern described above is altered or lost. Our bodies find compensatory ways to move, but they're not as efficient, and a reduction in strength, flexibility and endurance results.  Strains and dysfunctions can then occur in repeatedly loaded parts of the body.  You may notice "performance" deteriorating at the same time as you seem to become less resilient to injury.


We believe the sequential muscle activation of Be Activated "reboots" our whole body to return it towards its original sequential 1-2-3 pattern.  The treatment is thought to affect our highly adaptable fascia (the web-like 3D biological fabric that connects, surrounds & intertwines every structure in our body, including the muscles which anatomically sit within "trains" from head to toe) and to stimulate more nerve signals to reach each muscle group treated.  As more of the muscle is switched on, you are likely to feel a measurable increase in strength and/or flexibility.

Clients report feeling: “loose”, “light”, “relaxed”, “so much stronger”, “rebooted”, “open”, “de-stressed”, “solid”, “pain-free”, “able to fully breathe”, “everything is clearer” or even that “I could beat a charging bull!”

Be Activated is a great technique to do on yourself, especially prior to activity and sport to enhance your performance.  You can find more fascinating information, including articles on this method and enlightening testimonials from around the world, at  For an introductory mini course on this method, please click here .

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