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Setting Boundaries will Set you Free!


What if you no longer felt obliged to just focus on making sure everyone else is okay,

pleasing others, over-giving or over-achieving, either at home or work?

What if you could be free from overwhelm & able to take back control? 

Imagine having the time, space & confidence to also consider what makes you tick

& to rediscover the beautiful you - without guilt.

Good News!


The answer is - learning how to set effective boundaries!

  • Unchain yourself from obligation & expectation

  • Realise & believe you matter

  • Develop an essential routine of self-care

  • Uncover your limiting beliefs & embrace new empowering ones

  • Discover where & when to create boundaries & how to script them

You'll have a life you love & deserve, where you're a master of your own boundaries,

confidently saying "yes" to what inspires you,

graciously saying "no" to what tires you

& back in control!​​

Journey through the structured

 12 week Boundary CoachingTM programme:

  • Approx 75 minute weekly 1:1 coaching via Zoom - don't worry, online is easy!

  • Sessions at a regular time and day to suit us both

  • A complete Boundary Coaching Workbook to support your journey

  • 10 powerful steps to build your boundary skills

  • Weekly support and accountability from me

  • Reasonable access to me via email

"There is so much to learn about yourself from doing the course, everyone should do it. I am definitely a better stronger person for completing the course."

Jez, UK

Become that stronger person

where your confidence, skills and self-worth blossom.

Become a priority. Consciously create your best life, free from overwhelm.

Boundary CoachingTM is the unique & powerful route.

Here's what to do...

Follow the Steps...

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Step One

Download your first free Introductory Steps

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Step Two

Join me for a complimentary

45 minute

Zoom call. 

Let's get to know each other & see if we're a good fit.  I'll explain more about the Boundary CoachingTM & offer you a short coaching session - so you can gain a feel of the wisdom that arises when you have the time and space to consider yourself and your needs.

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Step Three

Become a master of your personal boundaries! In 12 powerful weekly coaching sessions you will learn how to set boundaries, free yourself from overwhelm, release the beautiful you & take back control - to create your best life yet!

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