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When you spend your life forever pleasing others, over-giving &/or over-achieving, both at home &/or work, and ignoring or tossing your own needs aside, eventually your own well-being demands to be heard.  And if you don't heed that call, your mind and body will start to create subtle little niggles and tension - which too many of us just disregard and push through.  But over time these nudges from our inner world can build up towards significant resentment, problems & possibly dis-ease and pain.

Boundary Coaching will help you learn to take back responsibility and give yourself the time and space to rediscover and honour your needs and your desires in life.  You will learn how to safely express them, without guilt or explanation, and determine how to take vital care of yourself.

Remembering to prioritise your needs and self-care, to gently explore your deeper, limiting beliefs and behaviours, as well as learning how to safely release buried emotions, is the foundation for a happy, fulfilled and healthy life.

Identifying, setting & upholding essential boundaries is the key to your well-being and getting more of what you would like in life and less of what you don’t!  It is the tool to help you say "No!" when you want!

Boundary Coaching is for everyone who is willing to take responsibility for their lives, to learn from the past in order to make changes and move forwards in life with confidence and courage.

It is for those who perhaps feel their life is stuck in a rut, at a crossroads or who want to release themselves from their seemingly endless lists of tasks and commitments. It's for those who've lost their connection with themselves.  For whatever reason, somewhere along their journey through life, they left themselves and their needs and desires behind.


Good News!

By journeying through the structured, 12 session Boundary Coaching process, with my guidance and support, you too can become a "boundary badass", where your confidence, skills and self-worth blossom enough to consider yourself, to set and uphold important personal boundaries and consciously create the life of your choosing.

"The life you’ve been longing for begins on the other side of setting your first boundary!"

Nancy Levin, Master Life Coach


Here's what to do!

To help you decide whether you are ready to commit to this life-transforming process, please book a complimentary discovery call with me, so we may find out a little more about each other, I can explain more about the 12 sessions of Boundary Coaching and offer you a short coaching experience.

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