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Freedom From Pain

What if you no longer struggled with daily pain?

* back pain * neck pain * whiplash * shoulder & arm pain * hip, leg & foot pain *

*TMS * PPD * Fibromyalgia *

Imagine your life, relationships, work, ability to think & sleep not being affected by your pain -

 knowing you had the skills & confidence to keep it that way.


It maybe you've been through many therapies and treatments, had various medical opinions,

 even possibly surgery.  But little has helped keep the pain away long term.

There is a way to achieve relief & recovery from chronic pain

& it may surprise you!


Let me explain. All pain is real - but there is a widespread misbelief that pain must have a physical cause.  Research & science has shown us that, in fact, it's our deeper limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotional turmoil - absorbed & created through our childhood and life experiences - that are the true causes behind persistent pain.

When your pain has persisted for more than 3 months - & physically damaging conditions, such as infection, fracture, cancer or an autoimmune disease, have been ruled out - we now know the pain is likely due to persistently active nerve pathways/circuitry in the brain - part of a hypersensitised "stress response". 


You see, it's our brain that produces all pain, 100% of the time - without exception - as a message to get our attention, to protect us from perceived danger - or to distract us from the threat of facing "even more painful" unresolved emotional issues. It's part of being a normal human being. And nerve circuitry can become conditioned to switch on & produce pain - in response to certain movements, time of day, sounds, aromas, places, fear & anxiety or even just a thought.

You may even have been told in the past that you have some degeneration/osteoarthritis in your joints or disc problems in your back - including from X-ray or scans.  But we now realise these are unlikely to be the actual cause of your ongoing pain. These changes we see on scans are more akin to our painless grey hair & wrinkles.

Summarised in the words of the wonderful Dr Howard Schubiner:

"The Reign of Pain lies Mainly in the Brain!"

Good News!


You can re-programme your brain, by-pass the unwanted nerve circuitry

& relieve your pain.

I'd love to show you how.

Freedom From Pain

an empowering evidence-based mindbody coaching programme


Created around the leading-edge SIRPATM approach,

I guide & support you to learn & practise the skills & lifestyle strategies needed

to help you achieve relief - & possibly even recovery.

Find the freedom to build the life you want.


  • Discover the latest research & knowledge about pain

  • Ensure your self-care is a priority

  • Build your strategies to calm your response to stress

  • Enhance your felt-sense & emotional awareness

  • Explore what was going on in your life when your pain started

  • Develop new skills to carefully release buried emotion & pain

  • Feel the layers of fear melting away

​Welcome in your future,

released from the chains of persistent pain,

free to create the life you deserve.

Journey through the structured

10-12 week Programme:

  • 75-90 minute weekly 1:1 coaching via Zoom - don't worry, on-line is easy!

  • 10 sessions at a regular time and day to suit us both

  • 2 complimentary bonus sessions if needed

  • 10 empowering steps to build your freedom from pain skills

  • Supportive & informative material via email to assist your work each week

  • Encouragement to read foundational books on this subject

  • Weekly support and accountability from me

" Catherine... has helped me delve deeply into the underlying causes for my pain.  It's challenging... But it's work that is freeing me, so I thank her for the kind & patient way she does it."

Sam, GP, UK

"You put me completely at ease, made me feel worthwhile, encouraged & explained everything clearly as we worked through the programme... I found the information & techniques fascinating & really enjoyed every element of the work. I always looked forward to participating & discovering more."
Anne, UK

"You can achieve relief

no matter how severe or long standing your chronic/persistent pain." 

Georgie Oldfield, MCSP, founder of SIRPATM

Living Proof - Stories of Hope

Here's what to do...

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Follow the Steps...

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Step Two

Tell me your story. Let's get to know each other & see if we're a good fit. I'll explain more about coaching with Freedom From Pain & offer a short coaching session - gain a feel of the wisdom that arises when you have the time and space to consider yourself and your needs.

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Step Three

Join me for the confidential 1:1 Freedom From Pain coaching programme via Zoom.

In 10 empowering coaching sessions you will learn how to achieve relief & recovery from persisting/chronic pain - with new knowledge, vital self-care, daily strategies to manage stress & release emotion, & new positive habits. 

I look forward to meeting you!