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If your pain has been present for more than 3 months and has not been attributed to a physical condition such as infection, fracture, cancer or an autoimmune disease and your medical team &/or physical therapies have been unable to explain or help you further, then I will be delighted to help you learn, practise and guide you through the knowledge, tools & skills to enable you to gain relief.

"The Reign of Pain lies Mainly in the Brain"

Dr Howard Schubiner

All pain is real, but there is a widespread misbelief that pain must have a physical cause. Science is showing us that established beliefs, unhelpful behavioural habits and emotional trauma & turmoil from our past and present life experiences, all contribute to nerve pathways which can create &/or maintain pain - even in the absence of anything being physically wrong.


Even if you have been told in the past that you have some degeneration/osteoarthritis or disc problems in your joints or back from X-ray or scans, we now know these changes are unlikely to be the actual cause of your persisting pain. 

Our subconscious brain produces pain, even without bodily damage, as a way of protecting us from perceived danger or as a way of distracting us from ‘even more painful’, unresolved emotional turmoil.  Nerve pathways in the brain can become conditioned to produce pain in response to certain movements, time of day, fear & anxiety, or even just a thought.

Good News!


The good news is we now know we can "re-programme" the brain and alter these nerve pathways with a variety of strategies.  These include learning & understanding the basics of how our pain system works, managing our self-care and lifestyle differently, developing our emotional awareness, improving our response to stress with techniques such as mindfulness & meditation, pen-venting/journaling to self-investigate personal history & emotions, visualisation and recognising our self-worth. You can achieve relief no matter how severe or long standing your chronic/persistent pain.

As a specialised, SIRPA practitioner, I am thrilled to be able to help you learn these skills and provide you with the support you need in your journey towards freedom from pain.  

Here's what to do!

Before you decide to commit to this life-changing process, please book a complimentary 25 minute discovery call with me so we can find out a little more about each other, and I can offer you more detail about the FreedomFromPain 10 step 1-2-1 programme.  Please click the button here...


If you would like to view a summary of some of the research behind the SIRPA approach, please have a look at this infographic.  More detailed information, including enlightening video testimonials and helpful products, is also available at



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