Freedom From Pain

Imagine your life feeling in control & free from chronic pain,

 knowing you have the skills & confidence to keep it that way.

Learn the life-changing strategies for relief & recovery with

Freedom From Pain


small group coaching

an evidence-based mindbody programme

created around the leading-edge SIRPATM approach

supportive. effective. affordable


* back pain * sciatica * neck pain * whiplash * shoulder, arm pain * hip, leg, foot pain *

*TMS * PPD * Fibromyalgia *




Learn the knowledge & proven pain recovery strategies

to empower you curate the life you'd love

with a supportive and confidential, small online group

at a 1/3 of the cost of 1:1 coaching!

To see if this is right for you & to join the priority list


"This process is very powerful & healing ... The whole experience exceeded all of my expectations!"
Anne, UK

" Catherine... has helped me delve deeply into the underlying causes for my pain.  It's challenging... But it's work that is freeing me..."
Sam, GP, UK

"You can achieve relief

no matter how severe or long standing your chronic pain." 

Georgie Oldfield, MCSP, founder of SIRPATM

Freedom from chronic pain is possible!

Science, research & lots of experiences all offer us proof.


In recent studies, approx. 66% of patients with chronic back pain became pain free or nearly pain free

after being randomly assigned to mindbody therapy  * & *


There is a widespread misbelief that pain must have a physical cause.  We now know this is not true. When your symptoms have persisted for more than 3 months - & infection, fracture, cancer or an autoimmune disease have been ruled out - your symptoms are most likely due to persistently active neural circuits in the brain - part of a hypersensitised stress response - and with the right strategies can be reversed.

Believe it or not, it's your brain that produces all pain, 100% of the time

...without exception.


Pain is a survival signal to get us to act & protect us from real or perceived danger - & is tied up with the areas of our brain involved in emotion. Neural circuitry can become conditioned to switch on & produce pain - in response to fear & anxiety, movements, time of day, sounds, aromas, places or even just a thought. 

Thankfully, we now know how to retrain our brain

to switch away from pain.

Even if you've been told in the past that you have some degeneration/osteoarthritis in your joints or disc problems in your back - including from X-ray or scans - up to date science tell us these are unlikely to be the actual cause of your ongoing pain. The changes we see on scans are so common they're more akin to our painless grey hair & wrinkles.

You can re-programme your brain,

by-pass the unwanted nerve circuitry 

& relieve your pain.

I'd love to show you how...

​Welcome in your future

released from the chains of persistent pain


find the freedom to create the life you'd love!

Journey through the Structured

10 Week Programme

 with a small, interactive & supportive group

Video Call with Sign Language

What you'll do:

  • Discover the latest research & knowledge about pain

  • Uncover the true underlying causes for your symptoms

  • Prioritise you & your vital self-care with daily health-enhancing strategies

  • Build your essential techniques to calm your response to stress

  •  Deepen the critical connection to your felt-sense & emotional awareness 

  • Develop new skills to carefully release connected, buried emotions

  • Feel the layers of fear melting away

How we'll do this:

  1. 10 x weekly small group coaching sessions with me (@ 75-90 minutes)

  2. Each session via Zoom at a regular time and day of the week

  3. Supportive & informative material to implement & expand on what you're learning

  4. The opportunity to learn from & share your journey with others who understand

  5. A prior agreement that confidentiality is maintained within the group

  6. A free bonus session on completion to revisit your favourite techniques or practise the skills that need that extra lift


10 empowering steps to build your skills for relief and recovery

at a 1/3 of the cost of 1:1 coaching!



Learn the knowledge & proven pain recovery strategies

with a supportive and confidential, small online group

at just a 1/3 of the cost of 1:1 coaching!

To see if this is right for you & to join the priority list


"Sitting was my biggest nemesis... which affected my choice of jobs, travel to see family, meals out with friends, trips to the theatre & cinema, trips overseas... All the things I enjoyed doing...

I can sit for pretty well unlimited time now. I go out for meals... I don't fidget. I sit & listen to my friends rather than... fret about how long I've been sitting for, how hard the chair is, etc. 
It's life-changing!"

Claire, physio, UK

About Your Coach

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As a specialist pain recovery physio, life coach & wellbeing visionary, I'm thrilled to have entwined 25 years’ physiotherapy experience, with the transformative world of both SIRPATM and Levin life coachingTM. I guide & support my wonderful clients to achieve relief & recovery from their chronic pain using an evidence-based mindbody approach. Their stories of success show the importance of persistence & accepting there is always so much more we can learn & apply.


After transforming my own life & overcoming chronic pain, I was inspired to coach others to achieve their dreams. Clients learn how to reclaim control in their busy lives, relieve emotional stress & regain their confidence - empowering them to finally create the life they’d love, free from the chains of persisting aches & pains.

"You put me completely at ease... explained everything clearly as we worked through the programme... I found the information & techniques fascinating & really enjoyed every element of the work."
Anne, UK

Here's what to do...


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Tell me a little of your story. Let's get to know each other & see if we're a good fit. I'll explain more about the empowering 10 weekly group coaching sessions where you can learn the strategies to achieve relief & possibly recovery from persisting/chronic pain.

If all is good to go, then you'll sign up to join me and a small group of souls on a similar journey to you, in my next round of group coaching. Together, you'll learn & embrace new knowledge, vital self-care and a variety of daily empowering practices to manage stress, release emotion and so relieve your symptoms. And you'll be able to inspire each other and share together the victories & bumps along the way!

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I look forward to meeting you!