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10 Top Tips to Calm you Every Day

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Daily Fuel for a Happy Mind & Body

You can do it. There are 10 simple things, which are tried & tested, you can do to help calm and lift yourself through your day...

Belly Breathe

Put your hand on your belly and slowly and quietly inhale deeply into your hand, then slowly release the exhale & tension.

Close your eyes, repeat and allow yourself the chance to rest & enjoy a few moments of peace.

Practice Mindfulness

Practise "321": look and marvel at the detail of 3 things around you, preferably something from nature; then listen to the sound of 2 things nearby, perhaps the birds outside; and to finish, use your touch to feel the detail and textures of 1 thing. This focusing will bring you into the present calmer, moment. This is a basis for meditation, for which there are so many known healthful benefits.

Be Body-Aware

Allow yourself the quiet time to feel & just observe all the sensations in your body, the sensations your thoughts & emotions generate, all of them, without trying to change them. Please don't push feelings down inside you and bottle them up. Be a friend to yourself and allow your emotions to be felt & expressed.


Rationalise your thoughts as though you are helping a friend – writing your self-advice onto paper works well too.

Try Havening

If you're feeling overwhelmed in the moment, gently hug yourself and repeatedly stroke your upper arms from your shoulders down to your elbows.


Feel in your body the deep sensations that arise when you focus your mind onto a person, place or event you really love – hold your focus and after a few moments, visualise expanding that warm, loving sensation to all your body, then transmit the feeling to your loved ones and then out into the wider world.

Be Inspired

Ensure you do things every day that really inspire and lift you, that make you smile on the inside as well as the outside. Take in nature as best as you can each day, as official guidance allows. Put aside time to listen to your favourite music, as your mood in the moment desires.

Get Moving

Any which way you like or love – let your body feel & show you how it desires to move: walk, stretch, flex, run, dance, lift, cycle, etc, perhaps even catch a bit of each. Be Activated every morning…. move better & feel better. More info & fun to follow in another blog!


"Tech connect" with people, friends and family - but accept you cannot change or control others' ideas and behaviours. Spend loving & fun time with your pets. Be very selective & minimise reading/listening to the news and social media – be informed, but not overwhelmed.

Keep it Regular

Keep to a regular daily routine, including getting washed & dressed! Soak in the morning light if possible. Eat plenty of colourful fruit and veg where possible and eat at your usual times. Avoid caffeine after midday for a good night's sleep. Turn off your phone's notifications at the end of the work-day and turn off your devices at least an hour or so before retiring to bed at your usual time.

* * * * * * * * * *

Perhaps write down 5 of your favourite self-care strategies and pop them up where they can act as a daily reminder - for you and others in your house. And if you've found these tips helpful, please do share them around, because...

A happy mind creates a happy body, and a happy body creates a happy mind.

But if you are struggling with ongoing symptoms such as persisting pain, especially in this difficult and emotional time, and would like some more help, please feel free to book a discovery call with me. I’d be happy to help.

Until next time



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