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Personal Freedom! Sounds good. But what is it & how to achieve it?

Do you ever wish you could gain relief from that feeling of being trapped, tethered, unable to escape - somehow stuck in your life?

In the words of philosopher Corliss Lamont, do you have “the capacity for acting according to one’s true character… to be self-determined & not subject to outside coercion”?

That’s the freedom I’m referring to here. And that’s the freedom we can have, if we know how.

Many of us, perhaps especially women, are feeling trapped in our personal circumstances; unable to find an escape from our overwhelming daily duties; unable to see our way out and forwards; often not even sure what it is we want to see; and often we’re suffering in pain, too.

You could say we’ve lost our true selves in the mounting pile of expectations that society has shackled to us.

I was there a few years back and am so grateful to have found my way out of what was keeping me stuck. I found my way free from the inertia of not knowing what or how to change.

Discovering the work of master life coach, Nancy Levin, I embraced a whole new bundle of empowering understandings & skills. And entwining them into my life (professionally & personally), I finally moved forwards & began to set myself free. I even became her academy’s first UK life coach.

In other words, I found my personal freedom!

So, how’d I do this?

I’m thrilled to be able to share below the process I’m so glad I discovered and worked hard to wade through. In fact, I’m still on that path. But now it’s more like I’m splashing my way along - like a five year old enjoying the puddles! The exiting anticipation of my future unfolding is now a lovely feeling - & not that old familiar, deep-seated angst or resentment.

i) Revive the real you & reinvent your life – by discovering & shining the light on more of the authentic, beautiful you:

You might think that’s not really a thing or that it may not be possible for you. Well, I’m delighted to have worked alongside a whole host of people, mostly women, who have worried about the same thing - and yet have been bowled over by the transformation that they’ve made. Their futures have opened up for them. They are now noticing the possibilities out there, grabbing them with courage and creating the lives they desire & know they deserve.

Give yourself the gift of time and space, a chance to reflect. Be guided to ask yourself the right questions and practice listening in to your inner wisdom. You’ll feel & realise your answers - your truth - to both the simple & more difficult issues. You’ll gradually unpeel the layers of life and experiences that have long since covered up the real you, that innocent baby that once felt her needs and desires easily - & let them be known to the world, usually loudly!

Be guided by Reinvention CoachingTM: see a positive vision for your future; release what you realise no longer serves you; discover & flip your limiting misbeliefs (set up in childhood); fuel your self-worth; accept your freedom to choose what’s right for you; and take small action steps forward to develop your confidence. All these empowering skills you can learn to support you in becoming the authentic you again.

You’ll be reinventing a wonderful life for yourself.

And when you live in alignment with your newly understood truth (Lamont’s “true character”), you’ll release the emotional chains holding you stuck – and bathe in your personal freedom!

ii) Become the CEO of your life & take back control - by setting effective personal boundaries:

Personal boundaries are about declaring to yourself & others around you what you will or will not tolerate, what you will or will not do, and what you will or will no longer accept into your life. You, alone, determine what happens to you. You’re no longer coerced.

When you learn through Boundary CoachingTM to value & trust your own inner wisdom, to find your voice & kindly and graciously speak your truth, you’ll be empowered to set your boundaries. You’ll be able to truly say yes to what’s right for you and no to what’s not (& without guilt!). You’ll be bringing your positive, inspiring future into curation. You’ll be “self-determined”, back in charge, back in control.

And when you become this CEO of your life – perhaps for the first time ever – you’ll be bathing in your personal freedom!

iii) Recover from chronic pain & other mindbody symptoms – by safely releasing years of burdening emotional turmoil.

This is where you focus your attention much more closely on the intricately connected world of mind & body. When we haven’t given enough priority to ourselves & our self-care; when we’re not living in alignment with our true self or we haven’t set those important boundaries; when we haven’t known to listen in to what our bodies are telling us or how to safely release buried emotional turmoil, we can end up suffering with symptoms in our body. And those symptoms become conditioned & stuck. We end up in chronic pain - or another persisting mindbody condition.

Be guided by a SIRPA coach to take back the reins for your recovery; make the time & space to learn the new understanding of pain; learn and consistently practise the range of effective (& often enjoyable!) proven mindbody recovery strategies. You’ll fill with hope, self-worth & relief. You’ll allow your symptoms to finally settle. You’ll find freedom from the chains of persistent / chronic pain.

And without that deeply energy-draining effect of pain - and all that it inhibits you from doing and enjoying - you’ll be free to curate & live the life you desire and deserve – you’ll be able to celebrate & embrace your personal freedom!

Think it’s just a pipe dream?

All this might seem impossible for you, but these three processes are real and being actioned every day by hundreds of other people, who are all making their way forwards with their desires and dreams. They’re following in the footsteps of thousands of others: reviving their true selves; setting effective boundaries; and recovering from pain. They are celebrating their personal freedom - & reinventing their lives.


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Catherine xx

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