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The Painless Equation!

To help you free Persisting Pain and experience a happy, healthly life, there are so many different, often surprisingly enjoyable & simple things you can do. And fundamental to this process is understanding & accepting that buried emotional stress & pain can lead to physical tension & pain in your body.

By learning step by step how to safely release your past emotional turmoil and build resilience to further onslaught, you too can release your body’s pain & protect yourself for your future. Some of the proven concepts & practices are outlined in the table below.

The Painless Equation:

Freedom From Persisting Pain = Knowledge + Self-Care + Emotion Release + Reprogramming

I like to think that life is a little like a maths equation: the outcome of an equation is dependent on the elements that are put into it – like a school science experiment, a baking recipe or a building structure – add an alternative or omit something… and the outcome will differ.

So, if you add in things that are good for you every day, you will end up creating the outcomes that are good for you... Add in the strategies that you discover work for you, as well as omit those that don’t, and you will end up with the health outcomes you desire, relieved from symptoms and pain & supporting prevention.

As my mentor, master life coach Nancy Levin describes, if you wish to transform your life, you need to create your desired vision (to give you direction), then keep making the best choices for this inspired future and ensure you follow up your choices with the right action steps to move you towards your vision.

“Prioritise YOU into your daily equation of life”

If you’re struggling to live the life you’d love & desire, or wish to support your future health, and need some guidance, I’d love to help. Why not book a free 45 minute Discovery Session with me?

We can discuss how best to help you: whether that’s in guiding you to relief and recovery from persisting pain; to taking back control in your life as you rebuild your resilience & confidence; or perhaps to unearthing the original “beautiful you” to revive & celebrate your belief in yourself. It’s all possible!

Book your Discovery Session here!

Catherine xx

Life Coach & Physio Pain Specialist

NB Please always ensure you have had any new pain symptoms that are not resolving within the normal healing times of 3-12 weeks checked by your doctor.

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