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What’s Holding You Back from Taking the Next Step towards Pain Recovery?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Sometimes, as we seek help from others or self-help programmes, our subconscious may be holding us back - & it can be hard to work out why. It could be for a number of reasons.

Our Foundations

We have lived with our symptoms for so long & they have controlled our lives for so long, deep down it feels we’ll lose our foundations & stability without them - & that’s scary - & can stop us making the changes needed to release the emotional turmoil within us & thus our symptoms.

Start creating daily routines that focus on your self-care - morning, midday & evening - for somewhere between 10-30+ minutes each. That way you're starting to build the foundations for your future before you get there! The routines are something you can rely on and keep building on when you arrive.

Our Identity

It can also be that our symptoms have been with us for so long that they feel as though they are part of our identity now. And it can feel very scary to look behind our symptoms & discover what we might find.

I have learned, by going through this process myself, each & everyone of us is born equally unique & uniquely equal, ie we’re equal, but we all have our own unique deep desires, qualities & talents. Regularly give yourself the time, space & quiet to allow your own deep desires to float to the surface of your conscious awareness. Allow these to become your new identity.

Our Purpose

Up until now, our purpose may have been to just get through each day & manage our symptoms to the best of our ability – around all the other responsibilities & chores we have. Releasing our symptoms means we also release our known purpose - and that can seem like we’re stepping into a huge void of the unknown & uncertainty. That’s scary, too.

Before you continue on your journey to recovery, consider what you would really like to do after your symptoms have settled. Take some time out to quietly sit and visualise the future of your desire. Make a list of what really lights you up & write it down.

Too Overwhelming

It may also be - as we’re about to embark on a recovery process that views events & relationships from the past, & that may still be contributing to our current emotional turmoil & thus symptoms - it feels as though the emotions are going to be too overwhelming to cope with.

Emotions themselves cannot physically hurt you. They are sensations - eg tensions, tinglings, niggles - that your mindbody creates for you to feel. Taking small, gentle steps first to review events that only have a small emotional charge for you, is a good place to start. Allow yourself the opportunity to feel those sensations floating inside your body for 1-2 minutes, without judgement or without trying to change them - & you may find the sensations & thus emotions “evaporate”.

Our Guilt, Shame or Anger

Facing events & relationships from the past may bring to the fore our own choices, decisions & actions that we wish had been different - & over which we have guilt, shame or anger. We feel we don’t know how to (or we just don’t want to) deal with such emotions. Again, it feels too scary, too de-stabilizing for us.

Acknowledge & accept that we could only make the decisions & action we did, based on the knowledge & means we had at the time. This is where working towards forgiveness helps – both towards yourself & others. All those involved in your challenging memory were once born beautiful, innocent babies, but we're molded by our care-givers - family, friends, teachers - into the people we become. Dr Fred Luskin is a leading expert on Forgiveness. His book “Forgive For Good” may be the key to releasing you to move forwards.

Perhaps you realise there are other reasons your subconscious is holding you back. Regularly give yourself the quiet, time & space to allow any inner wisdom to arise from your subconscious. Please feel encouraged to let me know what uncovers for you - it may help others who also feel stuck & unsure.

Turn the tide towards focusing on you & what you can do - to move forwards into the future you desire & deserve, back in control & free from symptoms.

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