"I have continued along the SIRPA way of thinking ever since I saw you. I have listened to some more great books, 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne, 'I Heart Me' by David Hamilton, 'Mindfulness for Beginners’ by Jon Kabat-Zinn, 'The Mindbody Prescription' by John Sarno…..

I have put my mind and time into enjoying simple joys of life: walking, gardening, more time for craft and books, more time and focus on my own family. I feel great, very peaceful, although still focusing on positivity and 'loving who I am'…. I would love to thank you so much - you have helped me to stop and turn around in my life style, self-respect and outlook on what is important in life." 


"Thank you Catherine for sorting both my back and knee problems! I have really appreciated your compassion and sound advice, plus the excellent treatment I received in sorting out my knee, without it, I think I would still be hobbling around!"


"Having worked with Catherine, I can honestly say she has helped me delve deeply into the underlying causes for my pain. It’s challenging to think that pain is caused by my past and personality rather than something physical that I can blame. That would be so much easier than working through my issues. But it’s work that is freeing me, so I thank her for the kind and patient way she does it"

Sam,  GP

"Clients feel comfortable and know the treatments Catherine offers are in their best interests. She remains open to specialising in different therapies so she is able to offer what is right for the individual. Catherine obviously keeps up to date with research and is always moving forward with her understanding of her craft, providing her clients with confidence in her care."


"To anyone who puts up with pain I have found a solution. After many years of trying different treatments with no results, I have by accident come across a treatment that works.

My shoulder and neck pain have been with me for years and I gave up on all the treatments I tried that did not work. My pain was relieved by a fresh method that can be reached at Physio Connect Durley. After two treatments and simple prescribed self-applied techniques, I was amazed to find that they worked. Not only relieving the pain but also through proved applied resistance to certain areas, I find that I am much stronger as well.

This has been amazing at my age of 84 as I had given up hoping that I could get rid of the pain. The object of this note is to draw your attention to this amazing treatment by a qualified practitioner. I am only sorry that I did not find the treatment sooner."


“From the first treatment, I felt a profound sense of wellbeing after the session, and this has continued with subsequent ones. Somehow my body seems to be remembering a healthier prior state!” 


"I have seen Catherine for treatment on tennis elbow that had been troubling me for some time,  she managed to cure my problem with just a handful of visits. I will be back for further treatment if any other injuries occur."


"Physioconnect Durley treated my plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the heel) for which the doctor recommended 6 months rest! Catherine quickly diagnosed the "trigger points" to work on and within 3 weeks I was running again. The body is clever & complex but Catherine certainly knows how it works. Can only recommend."


"I had been suffering from a pain on my front and back right side for a few weeks. I went to see two different physiotherapists but unfortunately, it made no difference. When I saw Catherine, I had nearly given up and was going to see my GP about it. Catherine treated me twice and prepared a body chart with all the pressure points that I had to work on back home. She was incredibly patient explaining how and why to do this. My pain started to improve after the first time I saw her and two or three days into my own work at home. I remember one morning getting up and thinking "wow, this is the first time I get up with no pain in months!

"Quite quickly it got better and better. I had a third session with Catherine who went through all the pressure points again correcting a couple of things I was not doing well. The pain disappeared completely after a few weeks. Although at the beginning I thought I would not be consistent enough to do this every day, the truth is that I set this up as a routine before going to bed and it had the effect of relaxing me in a way that I had not been for a long time and prepared me for a very good night's sleep.

"I cannot recommend Catherine highly enough. Her friendly and professional approach made all the difference. Had I gone to my GP, I have not doubt I would have had to go through endless tests just to be told there was nothing wrong with me! So thank you Catherine. We, all your patients, are very lucky."


"I would love to thank you so much - you have helped me to stop and turn around in my

life style, self-respect and outlook..."

"I felt a profound sense of wellbeing after the session"

Words of praise!

"I cannot recommend Catherine highly enough..."

"The body is clever and complex... Catherine certainly knows how it works."

"She has helped me delve deeply into the underlying causes of my pain..."


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